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Migrate applications to the cloud

Migrating applications to the cloud presents the enterprise with a number of challenges, even as early as the planning stage. Do your existing contracts include the right to move licenses between datacenters? How about moving them to third parties? Do they support the intricacies of running instances in the cloud? For example, your cloud provider may replicate your data to improve availability – has that been accounted for?

Successful Migration

Once you have begun migrating in earnest, you are likely to find challenges around tracking the success of the migration. If you are adopting a new license model, how does that compare to your existing license model? How will you measure your adoption of – for example – Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud metric in an IaaS arrangement versus your legacy CPU licenses, and at what point will you begin to realize savings thanks to that migration (if at all)?

Thankfully, all of these scenarios can be both managed and optimized using a combination of Concorde’s industry-leading technology and consultancy. The Core Control base platform contains legacy and current metrics and rules for all major vendors – including datacenter vendors – meaning that the process of baselining a license position prior to any migration planning can be carried out accurately and efficiently.

Predicting Financial and Licensing Implications

Customers can then use Core Modelling to model the migration from start to finish, tracking not just license migration but also the various costs associated with such projects (hardware, salaries, training, maintenance etc.). It has never been easier to accurately predict the impact of migration on both your licensing and financials.

Finally, our team of analysts are highly experienced in managing license contracts, and can offer guidance on legacy contracts, your rights as a customer, and the creation and validation of new contracts governing Cloud Licensing.

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