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Improve the accuracy of data in my CMBD

Whether it’s for the support desk, change management or even financial reporting, users across the enterprise depend upon accurate, up-to-date information in the CMDB in order to complete their roles effectively.

Core Control is able to support the accuracy of data in the CMDB in three key areas. By using Core Discovery, the CMDB can be populated and appended with normalized discovery information across the estate, ensuring all assets in the enterprise are captured and recorded. Core Control can also supplement the data held in the CMDB with additional information about assets, such as warranty information pulled live from warranty data stores online, and by appending peripheral, but critical decision making data to asset records such as software license information, software end-of-life dates and category information.

Single Source for Normalization

Core Control can also act as a single source of normalization for all data flowing into the CMDB, ensuring all your records are standardized to a common data set. With a tightly coupled solution between your CMDB and Core Control, you can maximize the efficacy of the data you rely on every day across the organization.

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