SAM as a service

Rarely can technology alone solve the SAM challenge. Managing the compliance and cost in the complex, fast-paced enterprise environment needs a blend of people, process and systems. With Gartner forecasting that a skills shortage will make half of organizations dependent on a SAM service provider, now is the time to ensure that you have access to the skills you need, as well as the technology.

You may find you need a larger team of specialists to cover the initial set-up of your SAM system. Or perhaps additional help to address a vendor audit, or cover a particular gap in skills around a specific challenge. Perhaps you want to fully outsource the management of your software assets.

With our extensive, experienced team, we can help by providing SAM as a managed service.

Instant Access to SAM and Licensing Experience

No one has more SAM and licensing experience than Concorde, with our team’s skills honed over more than 300 global customer engagements. In fact, Concorde’s heritage is in helping our clients to understand and manage their software estate: our software platform was developed based on the experience this provided.

Together with our growing partner ecosystem, we can enhance your existing capabilities to help you with Audit Defense or support you with implementation, training, on-boarding or a complete delivery of your SAM solution.

Discover the benefits of the market's most powerful licensing, analytics & modelling platform.

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