No other SAM platform and services vendor delivers results as quickly as Concorde.

Our SAM 90 Day Quickstart will give you the fastest way to gain control over complex software estates and start optimizing your contracts, ultimately reducing your spend, often by 30% or more…

Fast ROI

We recognize that organizations need speed and flexibility when it comes to managing licensing. Long projects expose the business to the on-going risks of unbudgeted spend, vendor audits and project overrun costs. Concorde’s agile SAM methodology, coupled with our powerful platform Core Control, helps companies like yours reduce the time it takes to gain control over its software and licensing environment.

Optimization and Rationalization

All whilst proactively identifying opportunities for rationalization and supporting the organization through technology transformation. And did we mention we also integrate seamlessly into ITSM, significantly enriching its value. No other solution will deliver results as quickly and no other solution will give you the flexible commercial terms to subscribe to what you need, for as long as you require it. We are so confident in our ability to deliver that we will even help you migrate your data to another platform if you are not satisfied. A true SaaS solution to meet the challenges of Software Asset Management both today and for the future.

Discover the benefits of the market's most powerful licensing, analytics & modelling platform.

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