Data services

Successful SAM programs depend upon good quality, rich data, captured from a diverse set of sources such as Desktop agents, Virtual servers, Thin Clients, mobiles and even cloud devices. Often the sources of this data will be a combination of tools, databases, spreadsheets, emails, PDFs and other structured and unstructured sources.

Rarely is the data complete, error free or even easy to interpret and your SAM teams can find themselves spending more time understanding and cleansing data then supporting vital SAM services!

Data Experts on Tap

Concorde has a team of data experts that help take the burden from your core teams, freeing up personnel to focus on their key areas of expertise and not the periphery activities that consume their time. Our data analysts are experts at analyzing and evaluating inventory, entitlement and contract data, identifying gaps and risk areas and supporting you in building a robust and high quality baseline from which to work.

Our data experts can also advise on integration methods with third party tools and systems, support you on configuration activities to ensure the right output is being extracted and undertake the critical activity of uploading data into Core Control for you so you can focus on Software Asset Management, and not Data Management.

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