Core Discovery

Understand your entire IT estate from desktop to datacenter and cloud

Without an accurate and repeatable method of identifying your IT infrastructure, the advantages of Software Asset Management are difficult to achieve. It is essential to understand what assets you have, the underlying hardware configuration, what software is installed and more importantly how that software is being used. Dealing with desktop assets is the first step, but with the majority of IT spend and liability in the Datacenter you need reliable data to optimize your Datacenter licensing. As your organization embraces Mobile and Cloud technologies it also becomes essential to monitor these areas to prevent unchallenged sprawl and risk.

Desktop, Datacenter, Cloud and Virtual Discovery

Easy to deploy, Core Discovery rapidly delivers results for Desktop, Datacenter and Cloud vendors, furnishing you with the essential information to start optimizing your technology investments. Core Discovery can be used in isolation or in conjunction with other data sources to provide the complete picture you need to manage your assets today and support the transformational strategies your business demands.

Discover the benefits of the market's most powerful licensing, analytics & modelling platform.

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